Comfort Little Theater - Masks and Face Shields Optional

April 24 & 25 and May 1 & 2 

In the “Theater District” of Waring Texas, Comfort Little Theater' s 2020 season will come alive with homespun Texas humor. Comfort Little Theater (CLT) is steeped in tradition and that is why we try doing something very different every year. This year's show is entitled  “Poultry In Motion---or--- The Outlaw ChickenSchmidt Rides Again”. Free disinfecting in back. 

Tickets Only $5.00!! (still) 

The show is still in the Waring Theater District (Waring Hall) next to the fire department in Waring, Tx. Tickets will be on sale at the door at 6 p.m. each night. The popular Premier Night is back and we have 90 cheap seats on opening night. On the other 3 nights open seating is a first come gets first choice of seating arrangement. It is the best grown up entertainment value in the Hill Country as prices are still only $5 for Adults (cheap)! Appropriately, Children tickets are $10 and Crying Babies are $50 (we mean it) as the humor is targeted at adult audiences.

Bring the Kids! 
( ha ha - just kidding...DON'T Bring the Kids )

CLT President Ben Eicholz said, “Politics, Hollywood and video games are the three things that are still the single biggest contributor to the decline of morals in our country. We promise to do our best, but we just can't compete with the pros.” Eicholz adds, “We tell you upfront that we are a bit edgy with our humor We rate ourselves at around PG 16 5/19.”

Laugh a little when you recognize yourself and laugh a lot when you recognize your neighbors. It is a peek into life in Texas with a Hill Country twist. Director Craig Engleman points out , “There are 3 halves to the show and each half is half again as funny as the previous half. That about 275 percent times more comedy than any other show in the Hill Country...and all that for only $5 bucks.”

YESSSIR!!!  Ever vigilant, the Hill Country Consumer Watch Dogs will be back, protecting you and  from unscrupulous retailers and the obscene, vulgar products that line your store shelves. 

Sometimes You Need to be Bad to Do Some Good!

CLT is a non-profit and proceeds have benefited area volunteer fire departments, Boy and Girl Scouts, school groups and has helped the Medical Mission for Health, to name but a few. CLT is particularly proud of the annual scholarships it awards to students interested in theater and performing arts.

Food, beer, soft drinks and setups are available starting at 6. The profits from the sell of these items are directly contributed to area clubs and fire departments. No outside food or coolers.

Little Theater is about creating smiles. Now that's a facelift that's in everyone's price range.